The Faculty of Economic and Legal Sciences (prior to 31 Sept 2012 referred to as the Faculty of Management) is one of the four faculties of the Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities.

The history of the Faculty dates back to the year 1995, when the Institute of the Organisation and Management of Education was established in the Department of Pedagogics at the Faculty of Humanities. On 1st October 1996, the Institute was transformed into the Department of Management (under WSRP Vice-Chancellor Regulation No. 41/1996 of 9th October 1996), which in the same year initiated its first five-year master programme in Management and Marketing and a postgraduate, non-degree programme in Management.

The Faculty of Management was established under the Minister of National Education Regulation No. 12 of 3rd August 2000 on organisational changes regarding the University of Podlasie in Siedlce. On the basis of the above stated legal framework, by virtue of the University of Podlasie Vice-Chancellor Regulation No. 38/2000 of 23rd August 2000, the Faculty of Management began its operations on 1st September 2000 as part of the University of Podlasie. Pursuant to the University of Podlasie Vice-Chancellor Regulation No. 11/2001 of 28th February 2001, the Faculty was to be composed of the following two organisational units: Department of Management and Department of Economics.

The Faculty of Management underwent reorganisation in 2003: based on the University of Podlasie Vice-Chancellor Regulation No. 12/2003 of 30th January 2003 and No. 71/2003 of 6th October 2003, the existing organisational units of the Faculty were replaced with Department of Management and Marketing and Department of Administration, Government and Law - the result of transformation of the former Department of Management.

Yet another change was introduced by the University of Natural Sciences and Humanities in Siedlce Vice-Chancellor Regulation No. 83/2012 of 27th September 2012 - the Faculty of Management was renamed the Faculty of Economic and Legal Sciences. The primary reasons behind the change were transformations occurring in the field of research and education, and continuous development of the educational profile.    


Faculty Deans


Prof. Władysław Ratyński


Prof. Julian Skrzyp


Prof. Jerzy Paśnik


Prof. Jarosław Stanisław Kardas