(2 years, title obtained: Master of Arts)



  • business administration
  • european governance
  • administration of security and public order
  • local government



The aim of the course is to prepare well educated specialists in administration and public management, who could take up posts mainly in public administration (central and local), public and private companies, institutions, advisory bodies, non-governmental organizations cooperating with public authorities, institutions of the European Union etc. Graduates are prepared to work in higher management level positions in public administration.

Specialization in business administration is focused on wider issues in the functioning of the administration of the economy. Graduates will be equipped with the knowledge and skills in the field of company law, tax law and regulation and self-regulation mechanisms of the operators. The speciality European administration will facilitate the study of issues related to the functioning of the European Union and its structures, and will allow analysis of changes in the functioning of the national administrations occurring as a result of membership in the European Union. Graduates will knowledge and skills of European governance obtained in the analysis and interpretation of Community law, of decision-making in the European Union and skills in the application of European standards of administration.

The administration specialization in security and public order allows the acquisition of knowledge of  the issues of forensic science and criminology, and the management of classified information and personal data. Graduates of the administration specialisation in security and public order will also have knowledge of the legal basis of national security and public order, and the legal basis for coercive measures, both direct and indirect, the conduct criminal investigations, as well as cases of misconduct. This knowledge may be useful in the legal profession, for, amongst others, police, border guards, customs personnel, etc.



(2 years, title obtained: Master of Arts)



  • fnance and accounting management
  • small and medium business management
  • logistics management
  • management in sport



Skills acquired:

  • theoretical and practical knowledge of management science and related sciences;
  • critical analysis, interpretation and evaluation of phenomena and processes in management on different scales, assessment of the impact of the environment on these phenomena, as well as preparation and management of decision-making, especially strategic decisions;
  • teamwork and management abilities, and skills in effective communication and negotiation.

The financial management and accounting specialization educates students in the field of economics and management. It prepares graduates to work in management positions in  financial institutions such as banks, and to run their own businesses. There are seven compulsory subjects relating to corporate accounting, analysis and business valuation, business value management, controlling, international financial management, business insurance and investment portfolio management.

The management of small and medium-sized enterprises specialization includes modules enabling students to acquire knowledge and specific skills in the scope of the powers of management, auditing of personnel management systems in the enterprise, advertising, promotion, analysis of trade and financial markets, employment law, public aid for small and medium-sized enterprises, and the use of European Union structural funds and the financing of projects by the European Union.

The logistics management specialization includes subjects enabling students to acquire knowledge and specific skills in the fields of cost accountancy, logistics management, marketing logistics services, insurance logistics, international logistics, project management in logistics, and modern logistics management concepts.