Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities

oferta rekrutacyjna Wydziału Nauk Społecznych

The Faculty of Social Sciences of the Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities is one of the five faculties of the University, also the youngest and the fastest developing. It was founded on 1st September 2000 and until September 2012 called the Faculty of Management.

The Faculty is involved in numerous research projects especially focused on actual challenges regarding management and logistics, regional development, particularly of Eastern Poland, management of the environment and institutional aspects of environmental management.

Our mission is to prepare young people for competent functioning in the dynamically changing environment. We endeavour to provide our graduates with the knowledge, skills and abilities to diagnose, understand and solve problems in the fields of administration, logistics and management. Consequently, we offer our students three study programmes of administration (Ievels I and II), logistics (level I) and management (levels I and II).

Additionally, the Faculty runs five post-diploma study programmes: "Strategic Management of Personnel", "New Forms of Advertising", "Civil Service in Public Administration and Regional and Local Development", "Administration and Public Finance" and "Internal Audit and Accounting".

Students of the Faculty can broaden their interests in five scientific circles: the Circle of Administration, the Circle of Economists, the Circle of Logisticians, the Circle of Managers called "Top Manager" and the Explorator Circle. Members of these circles participate in seminars and scientific conferences in Poland and abroad. Since 2007 the students of "Top Management" have co-organized the League of Business Managers (LMB) which is a highly regarded management competition.

The Faculty of Economic and Legal Sciences issues a scientific quarterly journal called "Zeszyty Naukowe Uniwersytetu Przyrodniczo-Humanistycznego - Seria Administracja i Zarządzanie". On this occasion I would like to invite our foreign partners to publish articles in it.

It is also worth mentioning that many lecturers of the Faculty have practical experience collaborating with various companies, and are eager to share it both with students and foreign colleagues.

I hope that studying in the Faculty of Economic and Legal Sciences can give foreign students the opportunity of the realization of their dreams and plans, and allow them to gain knowledge and skills together with stimulating personal development. On the other hand the visits of foreign lecturers can lead to enriching scientific collaboration and sharing experiences. For both groups we have prepared attractive offers: over thirty interesting courses in English for students and two unique international projects for lecturers.

On behalf of all the lecturers of the Faculty and myself I would like to heartily invite you to visit the Faculty of Economic and Legal Sciences hoping that your stay in Siedlce will be fruitful and help you to reach your own goals.        


Prof. Malina Kaszuba